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A Cherry Timedive

Austin Bunn
Wendy Dann
Saviana Stanescu
Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

Nick Salvato


Carolyn Goelzer
Jennifer Herzog
Godfrey L. Simmons
Seth Soulstein

Conceived and Directed by
Sam Buggeln

Assistant Director
Rudy Gerson

An open-air theatre origami flower; a lyrical and mysterious plunge into the histories of one storied corner of Ithaca, NY.

A hobo in an urban jungle has visions he cannot shake; a grieving mother receives a strange letter that calls her to the shore; a young duck is mesmerized by the glossy black loon at the center of the lake; and a poet charged with fictionalizing the history of her town finds herself in over her head.

Four of Ithaca's most prominent writers dance with the strange and compelling events that have occurred on and around Ithaca's Cherry Street. An outdoor, site-specific performance at once beautiful, strange, and transporting.